Accessibility guild vision and mission statements

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##Vision statement

We believe that anyone who needs to use a government service should be able to, regardless of ability. By making accessibility an approachable field, we can make TTS a leader in the creation of creating inclusive, usable, and joyful government services.

##Mission statement

We will help make this a reality by supporting 18F and TTS staff by –

Inspiring creators – We create opportunities to inspire people to engage with accessibility by humanizing the end user; celebrating success stories (large and small); and finding engaging experts to present at 18F.

Creating tools and resources – We strategically create tools and resources that help embed accessibility into the daily practice of 18F staff throughout the development cycle without duplicating resources that are already available.

Engaging and educating – We provide a welcoming learning community that provides individuals with the right information at the right time; a customized learning path for different focus areas; and we guide people from novice to expert.

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