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Agile Principles and Practice, documented by the 18F Agile Guild
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TTS Agile Guild

The Technology Transformation Service (TTS) Agile Guild is a community that fosters agile methodologies within government. For more on the guild, please see our documentation.

The guild meets every other Fridays from 2:00-2:30 ET. For a link to the meeting, please consult the TTS Guilds Meetings and Office Hours calendar

Agile guide

The guild publishes an agile guide that is based on experience on 18F project teams and invdividuals inside and outside of government with experience in agile disciplines.

This should be considered a work in progress. We welcome pull requests and discussion via GitHub issues. Please refer to our documentation and contribution guidelines.


The project is in the public domain, and all contributions to it will be released as such. For more details see TERMS

If you contribute the open source work of others, please mark it clearly in your pull request.

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