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{% overextends "regulations/generic_landing.html" %}
{% load macros %}
{% comment %}
Generally, we like all of the content in the generic_landing, but we _would_
like to provide a consistent disclaimer. Overextends tells django to use the
`regulations-site` provided template
{% endcomment %}
{% block legal_disclaimer %}
<h4 tabindex="0" class="important">Legal limitations of this tool</h4>
<p>The ATF’s eRegulations tool is an editorial compilation of material and not
an official legal edition of the
{% external_link url="" text="Code of Federal Regulations" %}
or the
{% external_link url="" text="Federal Register" %}.
We have made every effort to ensure the material presented in this tool is
accurate, but if you are relying on it for legal research you should
{% external_link url="" text="consult the official editions of those sources" %}
to confirm your findings. Nothing in this tool binds ATF or creates any
rights, benefits, or defenses, substantive or procedural, that are enforceable
by any party in any manner.</p>
{% endblock %}
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