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ATF eRegs research wiki

What is eRegulations?

eRegulations is an open-source platform for making regulations easier to find, read, and understand. We digitally digest agency regulations and rules to present their built-in structure in a clean, readable form, including their changes over time.

You can learn more about the history, features, and background of the eRegulations platform at

Or, you can view the live ATF site at

External users

Diagram of external user types

External ATF eRegs users fall on a spectrum of occasional users (those who only work with regulated materials once or twice a year) and occupational users (those who work with regulated materials on a day-to-day basis). For firearms, occasional users could include a gun hobbyist who builds a couple guns a year, or an antique store owner who sometimes sells antique guns. Occupational users could be a small gun dealer or a corporate guns and parts manufacturer. For explosives, occasional users might include someone who organizes their town's 4th of July display or a farmer managing their land. Occupational users could be a year-round fireworks shop, a quarry, or a corporate explosives manufacturer.

Primary use cases


I want to find all the regulations that pertain to me quickly, as well as appropriate related documentation.


I want to be able to easily read the regulation online, on whatever device I have on hand.


I want to understand what the regulation means in terms of what I need to do.


I want to send the exact language of the regulation to someone else.

Phase 1

Research documents

Phase 2

Research documents

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