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title: 9/25/17 update

## Phase 3

We did our pitch for Phase 3 of Incubator funding ($500,000), which would be focused on "build" rather than discovery. The deck is available [here]({{ site.baseurl }}/assets/phase_3_pitch_deck.pdf) ([source]( We presented about our Discovery, as well as our medium and long-term plans. In short: we are looking for focus on [OpenControl]( to decrease the time spent on producing and reviewing compliance documentation.

We didn’t get the resounding “yes” from the Program Advisory Board we were hoping for, but are working on answers to their follow-up questions, before they make a final decision. The Boise teams appreciates the Board doing their due diligence to ensure continuing Boise with the proposed direction makes sense.

We're also working on the paperwork (specifically, the [Memorandum of Understanding](( for Phase 3, which would allow us to start work when/if we get a "yes" from the Program Advisiory Board.

## Synthesis

We have completed [synthesis]( of our Discovery. While the document is anonymized to the best of our ability, we sent it around to our partners to ensure no one feels mis-represented. It will be posted publicly (on this site) soon.

## Talks

The Boise team has been asked to do more presentations/panels/webinars - we're working through finalizing the details, getting approvals, etc. The events:

- [NIST Risk Management Framework workshop](
- [Red Hat Government Symposium](
- [Docker compliance webinar](
- Small Agency Council
- Small and Micro Agency Council (which is different, apparently), at a Lunch and Learn
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