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make clear that the Boise project is done

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name: Project Boise
name: Project Boise [Archived]

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title: Overview

**NOTE: This project is no longer active. You might want to look at [our synthesis](post-discovery/synthesis/) and [other (potentially ongoing) areas of ATO work](pre-discovery/areas/).**


- The process by which software staged for use in the federal government is checked for security compliance is known as the "Authority to Operate (ATO)" process. The ATO process is usually handled by either government staff or a third-party vendor.
- "Project Boise" is a working title for a Discovery (exploratory) phase of research that builds upon 18F's [Compliance Toolkit](
- The Project Boise team is led by Aidan Feldman, with help from designer Andrew Maier and strategist Timothy Jones.

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