Hello World apps for Cloud Foundry
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Hello World apps for cloud.gov

This repository contains minimal "Hello World" applications for a handful of different languages/frameworks for testing deployment to cloud.gov, in particular, and other instances of Cloud Foundry ("CF") in general.

For cloud.gov, follow the quickstart guide for a guided tour, or follow the USAGE below.


All of these examples, except Java, have the same usage. For Java, see its INSTRUCTIONS.md.

  1. Follow the Cloud Foundry command-line (CLI) setup instructions.
  2. Log into your Cloud Foundry account. (For example, if you use cloud.gov, follow the "Set up the command line" instructions to log in.)
  3. Clone or download this repository, and cd into the directory cf-hello-worlds.
  4. cd into the subdirectory for whatever language/framework you feel most comfortable with.
  5. Deploy the application with cf push. Look for urls value when the push completes.
    cf push --random-route
    Creating app APP in org / space
    requested state: started
    instances: 1/1
    usage: 512M x 1 instances
    urls: php-random-words.app.cloud.gov
    last uploaded: Fri Nov 3 17:50:30 UTC 2017
    stack: cflinuxfs2
  6. Visit your app with your browser at the URL assigned to your app. In the example above, that would be: e.g. https://php-random-words.app.cloud.gov

All of examples produce web applications that respond "Hello World from <framework>" on their index page.

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