Small static app to redirect one domain to another
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Small app to redirect traffic from one domain to another.


In manifest.yml, change TARGET_DOMAIN to the domain you want to redirect to. Change host to the hostname you want to redirect from.

$ cf push -f manifest.yml

That's it!


Instead of forking this repo to simply have a redirect to your app, you can copy these files to a redirects/<redirect-from-domain> dir in the app you're redirecting to. This way all the redirects to your app are stored in a single repo.

Then you can add a path property to the manifest file to make deployments easy.

memory: 64MB
name: cf-redirect
host: redirect-from-domain
path: ./redirects/

Now you can deploy like so.

$ cf push -f redirects/

A note on permanence

The redirect uses a temporary 302 redirect. In some cases you might want to use a permanent redirect, for example, when the application has been permanently assigned a new URI. Note that without any caching directive, browsers may cache this response indefinitely which makes it very difficult to re-use the old URI for anything else. If you choose to use the 301 redirect, we suggest you include cache control to prevent the 301 being cached indefinitely.

# in nginx.conf
expires 3600;
return 301 $scheme://$target_domain$request_uri;