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Bosh release for ClamAV

If you need the ClamAV anti-virus product in your infrastructure then deploy this BOSH release.


Create & Upload the BOSH release

To use this BOSH release, first create the dev release, then the final release, then upload it to your BOSH director:

bosh target BOSH_HOST
git clone
cd clamav-boshrelease
bosh create release --force
bosh create release --force --final
bosh upload release

Create a BOSH deployment manifest

Please refer to the file example-manifest.yml for an example of the deployment manifest.

Deploy using the BOSH deployment manifest

Using the previous created deployment manifest, now we can deploy it:

bosh deployment path/to/deployment.yml
bosh -n deploy

Proxy support

If your vms require a proxy in order to get internet access to fetch the ClamAV virus definition updates, set the properties clamav.proxyHost and clamav.proxyPort to the Host/IP and Port number of the proxy.