Concourse pipeline and manifests for the 18F Cloud Foundry deployment.
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18F Cloud Foundry Bosh Deployment Manifests and Concourse pipeline

This repo contains the source for the Bosh deployment manifest and deployment pipeline for the 18F Cloud Foundry deployment.

How to generate the final manifest:

  1. Install spiff
  2. Copy the secrets examples to secrets files:
cp cf-secrets-example.main.yml cf-secrets.main.yml
cp cf-secrets-example.external.yml cf-secrets.external.yml
  1. Change all the variables in CAPS from cf-secrets.*.yml to proper values
    1. Easily rotated secrets exist in the main.yml file, while external dependencies which can be either rotated in coordination with other resources (e.g. uaa.clients) or cannot be rotated at all (e.g. cc.db_encryption_key) exist in the external.yml file.
  2. Run ./

How to deploy the manifest:

Wherever you have your bosh installation run:

  1. CREATE EXTENSION "uuid-ossp" on the Postgres RDS instance for ccdb
  2. bosh deployment manifest.yml
  3. bosh deploy

How to generate all certificates:

Run the certificate generation script. For more information use the --help flag.

  1. ./