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We've migrated this information to 18F/cg-site, and that repository is now the source for the live version of Please go to that repository to file issues and pull requests for the site. Thanks! landing page

The informational website for the PaaS service. Provides information about the platform and links to technical documentation and the live console.

Uses the U.S. Web Design Standards


This site is made with Jekyll. Once you've got Ruby on your computer, you can install the necessary dependencies using the following commands:

cd cg-landing
gem install bundler
bundle install

(Note: depending on how Ruby was installed, you may need to prefix the last two commands with sudo.)

To start up the local server, run:

bundle exec jekyll serve --baseurl='' -w

Then visit http://localhost:4000 to view it. The -w (or --watch) flag tells Jekyll to rebuild the relevant pages when you edit the source files.

Style development

This site uses a shared style, cg-style. This means any styling code has to be developed in cg-style.

  1. Download or clone the cg-style repository, git clone
  2. Follow the instructions on the cg-style readme to install and build the library.
  3. Run the watching build task in the cg-style repository: npm run watch
  4. Replace the gem 'cloudgov-style' line in the Gemfile with 'cloudgov-style', :path => 'path/to/local/cg-style/gem'.
  5. Run bundle install again.
  6. Edit code in the cg-style directory and they will propagate down to cg-landing
  7. Run bundle exec jekyll serve --watch.