Experience Principles

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High-level principles to guide the design and decision-making process.

Show me the way and let me explore

  • Make it easy to search, view, and export the data
  • Show me what the data can do
  • Let me draw my own conclusions
  • Get into the details when appropriate

Put everything in context

  • Help me understand what I’m looking at
  • Anticipate my questions
  • Explain caveats and limitations in plain language
  • Be upfront about what’s there and what’s not
  • Show me what’s changed

Make it relevant to me

  • Show me national trends and what’s happening in my area
  • Update the data and the website as quickly as possible
  • Be as accurate and thorough as possible
  • Help me understand why UCR matters and how it works
  • Show me the data in interesting ways that I can customize

Let me participate

  • Make it easy to share, print, or link to
  • Tell me how to get involved
  • Give me clear paths to ask questions and report errors
  • Help me build on top of available crime data
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