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Front-End Guild

18F promotes team best practices across specialty areas through guilds. These guilds support their members in whatever way deemed most appropriate by those members themselves.

This repo is where the 18F Front-End Guild keeps its guide to best practices and resources for front-end development.


Our mission

We believe that government websites should be functional, maintainable, and thoughtfully designed. Our guild helps TTS promote the adoption and advancement of front-end design and development best practices. In this way, TTS can lead by example while providing effective services that help our partners and customers fulfill their missions. To achieve our vision, the Front-End Guild works to:

  • Support the continuous learning necessary for successful front-end work.
  • Provide TTS developers with easy-to-understand, actionable guidance around front-end best practices.
  • Promote a central knowledge base of shared tools and common patterns.
  • Create a healthy and supportive internal environment so that we can, in turn, bolster healthy external communities related to our work.

How to track what we're doing, and how you can be involved!

We use issues in this repo to track work. If you'd like to suggest a new topic or flag an issue, please file an issue.

The front-end space is rapidly changing, and our guide is a living document. Please suggest edits or changes via pull request.