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# Base configuration
permalink: /:title
exclude: [".rvmrc", ".rbenv-version", "", "Rakefile", ""]
markdown: kramdown
highlighter: pygments
# Title
name: GovConnect
subtitle: An Agile Workplace Initiative
# When using this template with a project page set the baseurl to '/project-name'
# For user/organization pages set this to an empty string
# When working locally use jekyll serve --baseurl '' so that you can view everything at localhost:4000
# See for more info
#baseurl: ''
baseurl: '/govconnect'
# Author/Organization info to be displayed in the templates
name: GovConnect Team
# Point the logo URL at a file in your repo or hosted elsewhere by your organization
logourl: assets/img/logo.png
# Navigation
# List links that should appear in the site sidebar here
- text: What is GovConnect?
url: index.html
internal: true
- text: Get Started
url: intro.html
internal: true
- text: 1. Create a Vision
url: vision.html
internal: true
- text: 2. Assemble a Team
url: team.html
internal: true
- text: 3. Leverage Technology
url: technology.html
internal: true
- text: 4. Create Projects
url: projects.html
internal: true
- text: 5. Get the Word Out
url: marketing.html
internal: true
- text: 6. Measure Success
url: metrics.html
internal: true
- text: History of GovConnect
url: history.html
internal: true
- text: Workshop Summary
url: workshop.html
internal: true
# - text: Research
# url: research.html
# internal: true
# - text: DOCter Repo
# url:
# internal: false
# Repo list
# List repos that you would like to appear on the homepage here
- name: GovConnect
description: an Agile Workforce Initiative
# Style Variables
brand_color: "#1E6D54" # "#09295c"