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Getting Started with GovConnect

The Office of Personnel Management and the GovConnect community invites you to start or join an agile workforce initiative at your agency.

This GovConnect Starter Kit serves agency leadership, individual employees, and teams that have a desire to create an agile workforce program within your organization with the necessary information and tools to build your own program. Teams can use this information to design and scale an agile workforce program.

The topics we'll cover include:

  • Definition of an agile workforce program and how it supports your employees’ career development and your agency's mission;
  • Advice on how to work with various stakeholders to gain their support and input on designing and advocating for the program;
  • Insight into technological challenges and solutions you may encounter as the program evolves;
  • Resources on how to market the program to participants, their supervisors, and other leaders; and
  • Suggestions on using metrics to measure return on investment and the program’s overall success.

###How to Use This Guide## Teams have found that having a clear checklist helped them set up their program more efficiently and effectively. This checklist will give you a run down of all the things you and your team need to get done to get a pilot started. Each section has more details in the guide that can help you make it happen. The details are always a little different for every team and for every agency due to internal organization and culture considerations, but we've seen that most successful pilots independently came up with the same set up steps. Note that the steps actually overlap a bit, so you will want to read through the whole guide as you are getting started. GovConnect program leaders got together to share with you what worked for them to get you off to a quick start!

####New Pilot Checklist#### Craft A Problem Statement (see Step 1)

  • Meet with agency leaders, supervisors, and employees to explore the problem space
  • Meet with union representatives to understand concerns
  • Host a workshop (or two) to collectively define the problem that needs to be solved with representatives from management, supervisors, and unions.
  • Draft problem statement and validate with employees, supervisors and other stakeholders

Create Your Team (see Step 2)

  • Locate two to three co-workers to assist with program planning and administration.
  • Define roles for team members
  • Team members made up of cross-workgroup/cross-discipline representation
  • Locate a GovConnect mentor to guide the team
  • Consider a plan for ownership transition if pilot gets approval to become fully supported program

Use Technology (see Step 3)

  • Evaluate using Open Opportunities to host both the pilot and the program
  • If Open Opportunities doesn't seem right for you, the Open Opps team want to hear from you!
  • If you feel you must build your own Research the available technology platforms made available by agencies’ IT department

Identify Actual Projects (see Step 4)

  • Find people who have ideas for projects
  • Find people who are interested in working on those kinds of projects
  • Get together in person with a few people and work on paper or whiteboards before launching your pilot

Prepare To Get The Word Out (see Step 5)

  • Create an editorial calendar for posting digital and physical marketing material around the agency
  • Contact your agency’s public relations and marketing department or outreach and communications department to determine the level of support they can provide to create collateral
  • Determine how the team can include content in agency newsletters or announcements
  • Ask to make announcements during any townhalls or agency-wide meetings
  • Determine what materials the team would like to produce

Determine How You Will Measure Success (see Step 6)

  • Reflect on your goal, do you believe your program will meet it?
  • Do you have automated metrics in place?
  • Do you have a plan for collecting qualitative metrics?
  • Do you believe that if all of these metrics are positive you will have met your goal? or is there something else you should be measuring? (I don't know is an okay answer at this point. You typically need to run a few pilot sessions or scale to a sustainable community before you can finalize appropriate metrics.)

Pre-Launch Check

  • Walk through the process of creating new projects and signing up for projects with people from your target audience
  • Validate that projects can be created and submitted (do this with real projects!)
  • Validate that people can sign up for projects (find real people interested in the first projects!)
  • Review with project leaders the process for selecting participants
  • Check in with supervisors who are involved and make sure they understand your process
  • Prepare pilot launch messages, emails, and announcements
  • Validate analytics tracking for the pilot, talk to your first test participants, listen for quotes you can add into your marketing
  • Surprise, you have already launched, now you just need to spread the word about your amazing program!