Solicitation for Schedule 70 vendors to support the U.S. Forest Service ePermit app
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Forest Service ePermit Scale Up Procurement Request for Information

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Request for Information from Schedule 70 Vendors:

The Forest Service and 18F Acquisitions team plan to release a solicitation on GSA Schedule 70 that will be the fourth contract in the Forest Service’s modular procurement strategy to build an online permitting system. The first 3 procurements used 18F’s agile Blanket Purchase Agreement. We’re now investigating whether we can obtain an enhanced competition by setting the next procurement aside for small businesses on Schedule 70.

Like all buys that 18F supports with our federal and state partners, we're looking for vendor teams that focus on human-centered design, modern software development techniques, and incremental delivery of products using open source code. If this project is something that your company would be interested in, please take a few minutes to complete the following requests:

Request #1:

We are soliciting your feedback on our draft RFP by 3:00 PM EST on March 5, 2018. 18F is intentionally transparent and encourages you to submit your feedback publicly. We’ve set up a place for issues in this repo to capture and respond to feedback from the vendor community on our documentation and the acquisition process we intend to follow. Please keep in mind that this is a draft document — we fully intend to make any changes that will ensure better outcomes for our future acquisitions.

Request #2:

Please respond to this short survey by 3:00 PM EST on March 5, 2018, to provide more information about your company. This information will help us determine whether or not we have the potential to collaborate. We will incorporate this information into our ongoing market research that is used to identify vendors that align with our goal of delivering great software products to our end users.

We’ll keep this GitHub repository updated as we make progress towards releasing a final RFP. Thanks for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you!




  3. DRAFT Technical Quote Questions

  4. Survey Google Form - Request for Information

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