2019 Goals

Julia Lindpaintner edited this page Jan 3, 2019 · 5 revisions

These goals were articulated by the 18F Methods team to guide work in 2019. We welcome questions, comments, and feedback!

#1 Ensure the Methods accurately reflect current practices across 18F.

We will collaborate with all chapters and guilds at 18F to better capture methodologies beyond our human-centered design practice.

#2 Define design principles by which to evaluate our current Methods and any proposed changes.

We will capture our standards, including considerations around scope, content, and usability to ensure consistency and transparency in our decision making processes.

#3 Promote the discoverability of other government resources.

We will explore ways to connect the Methods to other existing government resources (e.g., plainlanguage.gov, accessibility.gov, usability.gov) in an effort to raise the visibility of other well-curated, essential resources for designers in the Federal Government.

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