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National Science Foundation SBIR Phase II (Build) Project

This is the home of the NSF SBIR Phase II (Build) Project.

Getting started

Most of our documentation can be found in the wiki. You can also find us in the #nsf-sbir Slack channel.

Set up the site locally

To set up the site on your local machine, follow these steps:

  1. Install and configure Git. If you're not comfortable with the command line, try GitHub Desktop.

  2. Download, install, and start Docker Community Edition.

  3. Clone the site. More detail on this.

    git clone
  4. Run the site!

  5. Visit at http://localhost:4000/site/

Creating new pages

You can create a new page by running the following command:

./new-page [name-of-page]

It will then create a file in the pages directory with the essential Jekyll front matter needed to get the page up and running


To check locally, we use pa11y-ci.

To get it working, do the following:

  1. Install pa11y-ci on the command line if you haven't already: npm install pa11y-ci -g
  2. In one terminal tab, get the site running: a. ./serve will create a local version of the site at http://localhost:4000/site/ a. bundle exec jekyll serve will create a local version of the site at http://localhost:4000/
  3. Then, in a new tab lint the site: a. If you used the ./serve command:
    pa11y-ci --sitemap http://localhost:4000/site/sitemap.xml --sitemap-exclude ".pdf"

b. If you used the bundle exec jekyll serve command: sh pa11y-ci --sitemap http://localhost:4000/sitemap.xml --sitemap-exclude ".pdf" 4. Alternatively, to check a single url: a. If you used the ./serve command: sh pa11y-ci http://localhost:4000/site/[name of link] b. If you used the bundle exec jekyll serve command: sh pa11y-ci http://localhost:4000/[name of link]


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