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addressing broken links
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#28 highlights 3 broken links on this page.  The problem is that there are not clear replacements for those links since the READMEs they point to have changed over time.  

This PR proposed pointing to a set of examples from as a replacement.
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Important: If relevant code changes, it’s important to test to ensure these instructions continue to work. We also recommend separating the sections for using a project versus developing for it. (More detailed instructions are located [in our guidelines]( for writing documentation for users, contributors, and developers.)

**Example:** The README for 18F’s homepage contains detailed instructions for [developing the site]( and [deploying the site](

**Example:** The README for Midas contains a link to [installation instructions]( for developers.
**Example:** The README for contains detailed instructions for [developing the site]( and [deploying the site](

## Instructions for how people can help.

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