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Resources for running path analysis projects at 18F
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Path Analysis Resources

So you've been assigned to work on a path analysis. Congratulations! These short, eight-week projects are designed to better define a partner's problem, understand the current state, and come up with a path forward. They're different from projects where we're trying to figure out how to build a thing. The purpose of a path analysis is to answer what's going on and what should the partner do next.

We've written up specifics on how to run a path analysis.

Check out the previous path analysis projects.


These templates are internal tools, and access is limited to 18F staff.

  • If the primary goal of your Path Analysis is to help partners address a specific problem, you may prefer to use Path Analysis Report Template 1 (make a copy first!). This is a flexible template, with space for findings and recommendations.
  • If the primary goal is to deliver a complete, holistic strategy to address a broader need, this template may be a better fit: Path Analysis Report Template 2 (make a copy first!) This template uses an Objectives and Key Results (OKR) structure to emphasize high-level strategic objectives and key success metrics while complementing them with lower-level tactical activities. It also organizes findings into higher-level and lower-level findings.

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