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The linter can also be run using the command line. The script is installed in
the .bin folder of your node_modules directory. The only required argument to the script is a glob of directories (or path to a single file) to be linted.
-For example: `node node_modules/.bin/stylelint-rules "./path/to/sass/**/*.scss"`
+For example: `node_modules/.bin/18f-stylelint-rules "./path/to/sass/**/*.scss"`
Additionally, the CLI exposes the following options:
-s, --syntax [scss|css|less], Linter syntax. Defaults to scss.
-i, --ignore-files [string], Glob of directories or files to ignore
--r, --formatter [verbose|json|string], Output formatter. Defaults to verbose.
+-f, --formatter [verbose|json|string], Output formatter. Defaults to verbose.
-c, --config [rules], Path to a js file that exports an object describing additional rules.

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