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# .about.yml project metadata
# Short name that acts as the project identifier (required)
name: testing-cookbook

# Full proper name of the project (required)
full_name: Testing Cookbook

# The type of content in the repo
# values: app, docs, policy
type: docs

# Describes whether a project team, working group/guild, etc. owns the repo (required)
# values: guild, working-group, project
owner_type: working-group

# Name of the main project repo if this is a sub-repo; name of the working group/guild repo if this is a working group/guild subproject
parent: wg-testing

# Maturity stage of the project (required)
# values: discovery, alpha, beta, live, sunset, transfer, end
stage: beta

# Description of the project
description: The 18F testing cookbook contains recipes and best practices for automated and manual testing in lots of different environments, languages, stacks and platforms.

# Tags that describe the project or aspects of the project
tags: python,ruby,node,testing,unittests,automation

# Should be 'true' if the project has a continuous build (required)
# values: true, false
testable: true

# Team members contributing to the project (required)
# Items:
# - github: GitHub user name
# id: Internal team identifier/user name
# role: Team member's role; leads should be designated as 'lead'
- github: mbland
id: mbland
role: lead
- github: arowla
id: alison
role: lead
- github: jmcarp
id: joshcarp
role: contributor
- github: shawnbot
id: shawn
role: contributor
- github: jscottiii
id: jamesscott
role: contributor

# Technologies used to build the project
- jekyll
- ruby
- markdown

# Brief description of the project's outcomes
impact: To disseminate knowledge of testing best practices, and help teams get started testing more quickly.

# Services used to supply project status information
# Items:
# - name: Name of the service
# category: Type of the service
# url: URL for detailed information
# badge: URL for the status badge
- name: travis
category: ci

# Licenses that apply to the project and/or its components (required)
# Items by property name pattern:
# .*:
# name: Name of the license from the Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX):
# url: URL for the text of the license
name: CC0

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