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In XP (on the left) you can launch IE by clicking on the **Internet** link at the top; in Windows 7 you can either just type `internet` and hit <kbd>RETURN</kbd> in the *Search programs and files* input at the bottom, or navigate to **All Programs** > **Internet Explorer**.

### 4. Test Your Stuff
### <a name="test-your-stuff"></a> 5. Test Your Stuff
If you're looking to test a public site, you should be able to just enter the URL into IE and test it interactively. To test sites running on your *host* OS, replace `localhost` or `` in your local development URL with ``. For instance, if you're testing the [18F site]( (or any Jekyll site serving on the default port 4000), you would use the URL ``. **Note**: If you leave off the `http://` prefix in Internet Explorer, it may send you to a Bing search.


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