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Checklist for shutting down a system
decommission [system]
  • Notify any users of the system, via banner across the site, email, Slack, etc. Ideally, help them find alternatives, make sure they're off in time, etc. (The needs here will be specific to your use case.)
  • Export any production data and put it into Google Drive, for records retention purposes.
  • Ask for the organization to be deleted.
  • Delete any associated AWS resources, and decommission any AWS accounts. Ask in #infrastructure for help.
  • Archive the GitHub repositor(ies). Ask in #admins-github if you need help.
  • Clean up any DNS entries that are no longer needed, from the DNS repository or elsewhere.
  • If applicable, update DNS entries to point to new urls or set up redirect(s).
  • If there's a custom (second-level) domain, figure out what to do with it.
  • If the site was operated on Federalist, contact to deprovision the custom domain for the site
  • Assuming it has an ATO, notify GSA IT that the system no longer exists. Ask in #infrastructure for help.
  • Email GSA Privacy Office at so they can take down the SORN
  • Fill out and send the Disposal Notification Template, which can be found in the list of IT Security Forms
  • Remove (sub)accounts in external services
  • Remove any external integrations
  • Archive the Slack channel
  • Archive the issue tracker (Trello, etc.)
  • Optional: Update the domain's DNS by setting its CNAME to a Google Form. See the Fugacious page (code) as an example.
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