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This is a living document, please help us add to it.

  • If you are a member of the 18F Experience Design team, feel free to edit this post and add to the list directly.
  • If you are not a member of the 18F Experience Design team (or if you are, but would prefer not to edit yourself), please create an issue in this repository with your suggestions.

The following list groups icon sets by type of license. We strongly prefer open source and public domain icon sets because they align with 18F's values of shared, open resources. Functionally, they require less unique documentation and attribution licensing, which saves time and is easier to maintain.

However, we know that it's (currently) a short list, and the styles may not fit the look and feel of your project. When using icons sets that are not in the public domain, you must make sure that they are correctly attributed. If your project is on GitHub, that attribution should appear in your project's .LICENSE.md file.

Open source

CFPB Minicons

Font Awesome


Open Iconic

Google's Material Design icons

  • Apache License Version 2.0

    We'd love attribution in your app's "about" screen, but it's not required. The only thing we ask is that you not re-sell these icons.

Creative commons


  • Free but specific license is unclear
  • Creative Commons logo appears at the bottom, so presumably a CC license. If used, should provide credit/link back
  • SVG format


Orion Icon Library

  • License

    ...you need to attribute our icon designs and add a required linkback when used in a commercial project.[...] When you use our icons in a project connected to a business and/or with the intent of generating a revenue, it is considered a commercial project. This can be making a website or mobile design for a client, or when the icons are used by a company on its website and marketing materials.

Paid collections and services

We strongly recommend that this is an option of last resort. It's ok to use paid collections and services, but you should be prepared to justify why the exception is needed, and set aside time to pursue the standard procurement process needed to purchase them.

  • Picons
    • Although the 18F website currently uses this icon set for its own brand styles, we intend to move away from it in favor of an open source set. If you must use Picons, please follow the detailed guide below.
    • Guide for using Picons at 18F 🔏 Google Doc.
  • Heroicons
  • Icons8
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