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Campaign finance for everyone

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) releases information to the public about money that’s raised and spent in federal elections — that’s elections for US President, Senate, and House of Representatives.

Are you interested in seeing how much money a candidate raised? Or spent? How much debt they took on? Who contributed to their campaign? The FEC is the authoritative source for that information.

The new is a collaboration between 18F and the FEC. It aims to make campaign finance information more accessible (and understandable) to all users.

FEC repositories

We welcome you to explore, make suggestions, and contribute to our code.

This repository, FEC, is a general discussion forum. We compile feedback from the feedback widget here. This is the best place to submit general feedback.

All repositories

  • FEC: a general discussion forum. We compile feedback from the feedback widget here, and this is the best place to submit general feedback.
  • openFEC: the first RESTful API for the Federal Election Commission
  • openFEC-web-app: the FEC’s web app for exploring campaign finance data
  • fec-eregs: the FEC's new Code of Federal Regulations explorer
  • fec-style: shared styles and user interface components
  • fec-cms: the content management system (CMS) for the new
  • fec-proxy: the proxy application to manage and route requests coming to the new site
  • swagger-ui fork of swagger for API documentaion
  • fec-infrastructure: manages the gov cloud RDS instances

Get involved

We’re thrilled you want to get involved!

  • Read our contributing guidelines. Then, file an issue or submit a pull request.
  • Send us an email.
  • If you’re a developer, follow the installation instructions in the page of each repository to run the apps on your computer.
  • Check out our StoriesonBoard FEC story map to get a sense of the user needs we'll be addressing in the future.

Copyright and licensing

This project is in the public domain within the United States, and we waive worldwide copyright and related rights through CC0 universal public domain dedication. Read more on our license page.

A few restrictions limit the way you can use FEC data. For example, you can’t use contributor lists for commercial purposes or to solicit donations. Learn more on


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