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A place to think and work on a new Peace Corps website.
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A place to think and work on a new Peace Corps website.

User Documentation

See the extended User Documentation for more information.


This is a Django application that depends on Python 3. For easy of use, we've included a Vagrantfile that will get you up and running in a nice, easy to use development environment.

Installing Vagrant

Download and install Vagrant from

Get Started

From the project directory, start up Vagrant:

$ vagrant up

This will kick off a process to provision and set up a development environment for you. If you'd prefer to do this on your own, you can see what happens in provision/dev/

Once the initalization has finished, ssh in to the machine and start up Django's runserver:

$ vagrant ssh
$ python runserver

You can then access the site from your web browser by going to

The setup script also creates an initial superuser for you. You can access the Django admin page at http://localhost:8000/admin and the username and password are provided below:

Username: Password: 0QDOyB!gfKkY23$UspzDM35%

Running Additional Django Commands

If you wish to run additional vagrant commands (like migrations), SSH in to the Vagrant virtual machine (vagrant ssh) and then run them like normal. For instance:

$ vagrant ssh
$ python makemigrations

Or, to run tests:

$ python test --settings=peacecorps.settings.test

Front end development

See front end development