An expansion of Vim's current JavaScript syntax file.
Vim script JavaScript
Latest commit 46ba160 Jun 5, 2016 @1995eaton update completion items


Just throw this folder in your .vim/bundle directory. This should automatically replace Vim's existing JavaScript completion plugin


  • Much more up-to-date completion including support for many HTML5 methods/globals
  • HTML5 canvas -> getContext completion
  • NodeIterator, Treewalker, localStorage/sessionStorage methods
  • All of the existing methods were updated including the .style completions (webkit supported), and console. object


  • I removed a couple of things from the original plugin and turned them into options:
let g:vimjs#casesensistive = 1
" Enabled by default. flip the value to make completion matches case insensitive

let g:vimjs#smartcomplete = 0
" Disabled by default. Enabling this will let vim complete matches at any location
" e.g. typing 'ocument' will suggest 'document' if enabled.

let g:vimjs#chromeapis = 0
" Disabled by default. Toggling this will enable completion for a number of Chrome's JavaScript extension APIs


example image