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The published version of Open Badges 2.0 is in main and develop. Version 2.1 is only in develop until Final.


For information about how to propose a new feature or material change to the specification, please see proposals/


  • main: stable, deployable branch that stores the official release history including releases designated as Candidate Final Public.
  • develop: unstable development branch. Current work that targets a future release is merged into this branch.
  • feature/new-feature-name: unstable feature branch. Work that may be approved for future release will be developed in here and branched from develop.


Please follow these steps to contribute a change to the openbadges-specification repository:

  1. Open an issue on the repository if you have not done so already to allow for dialog beyond a pull request.
  2. Create a new branch from develop with a designation that provides a brief high-level description i.e. documentation/branching-strategy.
  3. Make your changes in your new branch. You can choose to do these in a fork of the repository if you wish. Please include the issue number where appropriate when making commits.
  4. Push those changes to the core repository or your fork.
  5. Open a pull request with the target branch of develop and the source of your branch. Please include the issue number when authoring a pull request.
  6. Make your changes aware to the workgroup by raising them during a workgroup meeting. This will typically involve putting the topic on the agenda by way of the workgroup chair and/or an IMS Global staff member.
  7. Pull request or general merges into the develop branch generally require workgroup approval unless IMS Staff or the workgroup chair indicate otherwise.

Issue Labels

We use labels to track issues. The following labels are used to track the specification lifecycle:

Label Description
2p0 Issue relates to OB version 2.0
2p1 Issue relates to OB version 2.1
3p0 Issue relates to OB version 3.0
clr20 Issue relates to CLR version 2.0
candidate_final Issues is required for Candidate Final release of specification version
final Issue is required for Final release of specification version

IMS Contributing Members may access Spec Central for further details about using GitHub for IMS activities.