PHP Library for fetching realtime forex quotes.
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php-forex-quotes is a PHP Library for fetching realtime forex quotes. See the examples for REST and WebSocket implementation in the /examples folder.

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composer require oneforge/forexquotes

Or in your composer.json

"require": {
    "oneforge/forexquotes": "2.0.8"


Instantiate the client


use OneForge\ForexQuotes\ForexDataClient;

//You can get an API key for free at
$client = new ForexDataClient('YOUR_API_KEY');

Get the list of available symbols:


Get quotes for specified symbols:


Convert from one currency to another:

$client->convert('USD', 'EUR', 100);

Check if the market is open:

if ($client->marketIsOpen())
    echo "Market is open";    

Check your usage / quota limit:


Stream quote updates:

WebSocket quote streaming is only available on paid plans.

//Handle incoming price updates from the server
$client->onUpdate(function($symbol, $data)
    echo $symbol . ": " . $data["bid"] . " " .$data["ask"] . " " . $data["price"]."\n";

//Handle non-price update messages
    echo $message;

//Connect to the server
    //Subscribe to a single currency pair

    //Subscribe to an array of currency pairs

    //Subscribe to all currency pairs

    //Unsubscribe from a single currency pair

    //Unsubscribe from an array of currency pairs

    //Unsubscribe from all currency pairs



Thank you for considering contributing! Any issues, bug fixes, suggestions, improvements or help in any other way is always appreciated. Please feel free to open an issue or create a pull request.

Support and Contact

Please contact me at if you have any questions or requests.

License and Terms

This library is provided without warranty under the MIT license.