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Joining our Chat
Join our community Chat💬

We use keybase to communicate. You can join our community here.

You can also find us by searching for 1hive in the keybase app.

Introduce yourself!

The first thing you should do after joining the chat is introduce yourself! Head over to the #intros channel and let everyone know a bit about yourself. A good intro should give everyone some context about how you discovered 1Hive, how you intend to participate in the community, and what specific interests and skills you think are relevant to your group. Some inspiration:

  • Tell us about how you discovered 1Hive. Were you invited by someone in the community, did you stumble upon us from somewhere else?
  • Tell us about your intentions, why did you join the chat? Are you just a curious observer or eager to work on some tasks and earn some honey. 🍯
  • Tell us about your skills and expertise, this is especially relevant if you are interested in contributing as it helps other members coordinate around who might be well suited for a task or question.
  • Tell us about your hobbies or interests, perhaps you will meet a kindred spirit.

Chat Etiquette

We love our community chat and find it incredibly helpful when coordinating with other community members, but there are many ways for chats to go wrong. Please try and adopt the following behaviors when participating in 1Hive chat.

  • Always keep to the purpose of the group! Avoid sharing irrelevant messages about other topics.
  • Keep conversations civil, and try and keep a positive tone.
  • If you’re lurking in a group chat and ‘seeing’ every message, occasionally respond with something, even if its just a reaction emoji.
  • Do not spam the group!

Chat Channels

The following are the main channels we use to coordinate.

Channel Topic
#announcements Read only intended only for announcements 📣
#commons Discussion related to building a sustainable open source commons 🌼
#communication Discussion related to connecting with people who believe in the 1Hive mission 🚀
#crytoeconomics Positive-sum incentive aligning token models 🍯
#dao Anything related to the 1Hive DAO settings or structure 🖧
#dev Discussion related to software development 💻
#general A catchall for discussion that doesn't fit elsewhere 🤙
#intros A great place to say hi for the first time 👋
#legal Discussion related to legal hacking and software licenses ⚖
#nominations Nominate members for weekly community allocations 🙏
#website Discussion related to our website, blog, and wiki 🌎
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