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Hi! Let's change the world, together.

1Hive is a decentralized autonomous organization working to grow the open source commons by contributing to research, development, and documentation related to open source sustainability.

We believe that improving how we collaborate and track contributions to open source communities will help grow the open source software commons. We also believe that supporting the open source software commons is the best way to mitigate social risks associated with the pervasive integration of technology into every aspect of our lives.

We see incredible potential in decentralized autonomous organizations to improve how we govern open source projects and track and reward contributors. By using an Aragon organization on a daily basis to organize our community, we are pioneering a new way to collaborate.

We recognize that the single biggest challenge in expanding the open source software commons is in finding ways to fund the efforts of open source contributors. This sparked the original idea for Apiary, a bonding curve based crowdfunding mechanism for DAOs. It is also the underlying motivation behind the commons license, which we are currently exploring as the foundation of a more sustainable open source software licensing model.

We are documenting our processes as we go in order to help new community members get involved and up to speed on how we work together. However, this guide is also intended to be used as a template for other open source communities to adopt and remix.

If you find anything unclear, please join our keybase and ask us or open an issue so that we can help!

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