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Welcome 👋

At 1Hive we believe in sustainable development of open source commons. To make that possible we create applications that help communities organize and sustainably fund their projects. All the info on our past, current, and future projects can be found here. We hope they are useful!

Our Projects

Redemptions - An Aragon app that enables redeeming organizations tokens for organization assets.

  • Status: 🛠️ In Development

Apiary - A mechanism for accountable crowdfunding using bonding curves and a continuous tap.

  • Status: 🛠️ In Development

Hive Commons License - An alternative to permissive and copyleft open source licenses intended to support a self-sustaining digital commons inspired by radical markets.

  • Status: 💡 Early Concept

1Hive - A sustainable open source community that creates education materials, tools, and applications that are redefining the way we think about and build open source software.

  • Status: public beta 🐝

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