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Getting Started
Getting Started With Blockchain Basics

1Hive is a community driven project built on Aragon using Autark's TPS apps to create positive-sum incentive mechanisms that are run and enforced by the security of the Ethereum blockchain. If that sounds like gibberish to you, good! This page explains all those concepts in more detail and provides tools and resources you need to get started 🏁

Chrome 🌈

Often early stage software projects have not done cross-browser compatability testing. This means that Chrome is your safest bet for getting things to work. Runners up include Brave and Firefox.

Metamask 🦊

Metamask allows you to use Ethereum based applications in your browser. The website has a video showing how it works. The TL;DR: go to the Chrome Web Store, download Metamask, open it up and follow the instructions. Write down all the passwords and passphrases you use. If you lose them, you'll lose all your tokens and need to start from scratch with another account. This is important. Any problems you have should be directed at the Metamask team as they are more familiar with their product than anyone else.

Rinkeby 📥

Rinkeby is a test network for Ethereum. It's free to get tokens and they're not worth anything beyond sentimental value. You cannot exchange them for real ETH or anything else. What happens on Rinkeby stays on Rinkeby. We're currently using Rinkeby to test our DAO. You can visit the faucet to get some free tokens. This usually works, but if you have difficulties or don't have the social media accounts they require, just say hi on Keybase in the #general channel and we'll help you out 😊

Aragon 🦅

Aragon is a project that wants to empower people and create more freedom in the world. Most people like that idea, but Aragon is actually doing something about it. You can read all about it in their manifesto.

Learning About Aragon

The website is a great place to start to learn about all things Aragon. This blog is awesome too. There's also a monthly newsletter.

There's excellent dev docs at hack.aragon, but they are aimed at a more technical audience.

If you want to learn more about the architecture of Aragon in general, the Wiki is probably the best (and the most boring) way to familiarize yourself with Aragon. There are also user guides, but I don't know of anyone who's actually used them.

Using Aragon

Start with the Aragon user guide.

The client is the thing you use to interact with software. In this case that's the Aragon app itself. The UI is fairly standard, but takes a some getting used to at first. While you can go to to roll your own DAO, it's not very fun exploring a decentralized organization of 1. Luckily you don't have to! 1Hive has DAO that's live and running. Feel free to click around and explore how the various apps correspond to the spec outline in the handbook. Don't worry, unless you're a member of the hive that has voting power you can't break anything, so any button is fair game.

Aragon Apps

The Aragon Core team officially ships and maintains a few apps. Good luck! 🍀

Autark 🐛

Autark is passionate about building toward a world where progress is accelerated by making it easier and more fair to coordinate on shared visions of the future. We contribute apps to the Aragon ecosystem that allow human autonomy to flourish and enable open source mega-projects.

That Planning Suite

Roll Your Own DAO W TPS!

Intgrate TPS With A Previously Deployed DAO

1Hive 🐝

We are dedicated to supporting a future that is more free, fair, and open.

We contribute to education, research, and development of open source software which we believe will have a positive impact on society.

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