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* Asset Mapper CakePHP Component
* Copyright (c) 2007 Marc Grabanski
* @author Marc Grabanski <>
* @version 1.0
* @license MIT
* @date December 26th, 2007
* Built on top of Asset Packer by Matt Curry <>
1. Unpack files to new folder called, "assets" in helpers folder /app/views/helpers/asset/
2. Unpack the vendors folder to /vendors
3. Add AssetMapper Helper to you App Controller, /app/controller/app_controller.php
var $helpers = array('AssetMapper');
4. Define Mapper Rules in AssetRule file, /app/views/helpers/asset/asset_rule.php
4a. Create a new rule.
$rule = new $this->AssetRule();
4b. Set the rule properties.
map->controller : Map assets to a controller
map->action : Map assets to an action
compact->css : CSS files to compact and compress with CSS Tidy
compact->scripts : Scripts to compact into one file and minify with JS Min
scripts : Include scripts
codeblock : Include a codeblock
4c. Render the rule.
NOTE: If no controller or action is set, then the files are included site-wide
NOTE: The compacted scripts get rendered first, then the regular scripts and then lastly the codeblocks
5. Output the CSS and JavaScript files in your view.
<?php echo $styles_for_layout ?>
<?php echo $javascript_for_layout ?>
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