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Robert Cutright lordliquid

Expert JavaScript Developer. Love is coded in my daily functions..My methods are pure and it seems to show in the results that have been returned.

Cutright Glass Bullard, TX

Vladimir Milojevic vladamx

I love javacript

Belgrade, Serbia

Cory Smith corymsmith

Core Team @ feathersjs, Director @ Bullish Ventures

Bullish Ventures Calgary, AB

Ashwin Kumar M V mvashwinkumar

Full stack JS developer


Mohit Hingorani mohithingorani

Software Engineer. M.S Media Arts & Technology Program, UCSB.

UCSB Santa Barbara

Ryan Collins RyanCCollins

Hi, I'm Ryan. I’m a software engineer building the web one component at a time. I'm an avid functional programmer and a student of Deep Learning / AI.

@grommet / @udacity-blitz

Alejandro Ñáñez Ortiz alejandronanez

UI Developer.

Growth Acceleration Partners Colombia

arvindarvee arvindarvee

iam a frontend developer


Aziz Ali azizali

Founder & Instructor @

iLoveCoding Chicago, IL

Zheng Luo RogerFederer03

Talk is cheap. Show me the code. -- Linus Torvalds

FactSet Research Systems Inc. Norwalk, CT

Tyler McGinnis tylermcginnis

Partner @ReactTraining. @google Developer Expert. @eggheadio Instructor. @javascriptair co-host. React Newsletter.

@ReactTraining Eden, Utah

Stephen Huh (ish2f4f) stephenhuh

become the best engineer ever


Sam Chi samsjchi

@HackReactor grad. Former media/entertainment finance consultant at FTI Consulting. USC Marshall '14 alum.

Los Angeles, CA

Elmer Ibayan eibay

Full stack web developer

Code For Australia Melbourne Australia 3000

dvdrtrgn dvdrtrgn

all around web dev -- cares about excellence and elegance


Lukas Hillebrand lukashillebrand

nexxo - Web Solutions Bolzano

Jason Sewell jaywon

JavaScript enthusiast managing many DevOps tasks for @sudokrew and @devleague. I like doing things.

Sudokrew / DevLeague Honolulu, HI

Kent C. Dodds kentcdodds

Making software dev more accessible · Mormon, Husband, Father, Teacher · OSS, GDE, @TC39 · @PayPal @eggheadio @FrontendMasters @JavaScriptAir · #JS

PayPal Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Hubert hub33k

Frontend developer

Warsaw, Poland

Qiao Liang qbig

@myteksi Singapore

Brian Holt btholt

enabling binge watchers everywhere through strategic deployment of JavaScripts. senior ui engineer at @netflix; previously @reddit; former Salt Lake Citizen

Netflix San Francisco, CA

Nick S. Plekhanov nicksp

Front-end developer with strong architecture and coding skills. Cares about software excellence, and a strong advocate for the best engineering practices.

Senior JS Consultant Stockholm, Sweden

Ahmad Awais ahmadawais

Full Stack WordPress Dev — Front-end Fanatic — WP Core Contributor — TEDx Speaker — Open Sourcerer! 💯

@WPTie / WordPress WP-Admin, TRAC; CORE

Angus H. angusshire


UC Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Lucas AgtLucas

Front End Developer. Working with React, React Native and other cool things!

@garageborn Jaraguá do Sul - Brazil

Sadi Qevani sadiqevani

@QurateInc Tokyo, Japan