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OWASP ZAP Integration

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OWASP ZAP integration requires the following python module to function.

pip3 install python-owasp-zap-v2.4


In order to setup OWASP ZAP integration, you will need to have ZAP running on the same host as Sn1per and the http/https proxy listening on port 8081/tcp.

In addition, you will need to enable the ZAP API service and disable the API key.

The last step is to update your /root/.sniper.conf file and enable the following setting:



After, you can run the ‘webscan’ mode (ie. sniper -t -m webscan -w After the scan completes, all HTML reports will be saved to /usr/share/sniper/loot/workspace/WORKSPACE_ALIAS_HERE/web/zap-report-$TARGET-$DATE.html.