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1Password Shell Plugins

Authenticate any CLI with your fingerprint

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No more plaintext credentials in your home directory. Automatically authenticate every CLI you use with 1Password CLI + Shell Plugins. Approve temporary credential usage in your terminal with biometrics.

πŸͺ„ See it in action!

Example of 1Password Shell Plugins with AWS: user runs an `aws` command, a Touch ID prompt shows up, and `aws` is automatically authenticated

πŸš€ Get started with the available plugins

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πŸ”© Don’t see yours? Contribute! [BETA]

Is your favorite CLI not listed yet? Learn how to build a new plugin yourself and then open a PR on this repository to get it included in the 1Password CLI!

For the contribution guidelines, see

Quick start: clone or fork this repo and run

make new-plugin

Still not sure where or how to begin? We're happy to help! You can:

πŸ’™ Community & Support