Small breadboard friendly STM32 (eventually other mcu's too) eval boards with exposed JTAG and SWD for the use with Black Magic Probe and others!
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This project includes 1BitSy evaluation boards. These boards are breadboard friendly STM32 (eventually other MCUs will be considered) with exposed Cortex JTAG and SWD interfaces. This allows the use of the Black Magic Probe, instead of the usually very limited built in debugger hardware.

Currently we have the following eval boards:

  • 1BitSy V1.0d -> STM32F4x5RGT6

You can find the datasheet of the STM32F415RGT6 chip on the STMicroelectronics website.

1BitSy V1.0d legend 1BitSy V1.0d legend2 1BitSy V1.0d legend back