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A toy kernel made in Rust
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Sydney's Rust Kernel Build Status


This kernel isn't really useful for much. It probably won't even build correctly for you because I messed up the dependancies somehow. But if you tinker with it and get it working or I fix it eventually it does work!

What is this kernel?

It's a minimal 64 bit kernel made in Rust. Right now it uses Assembly to create the stack and switch from 16 bits to 32 bits to 64 bits. It also has a basic video (console) driver, frame allocation system, and soon to have paging tables.

What's on the todo list?

  • More comments in the rust sections of the code
  • Page tables
  • Remapping the kernel
  • Kernel heaps
  • Catching exceptions
  • Implementing better exception messages
  • Returning from exceptions for continued operation
  • Double faults
  • Setting up basic I/O
  • Configuring the PIC
  • Implementing a keyboard driver
  • Implementing a serial driver
  • Basic POSIX support(?)


Resources used

Useful links

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