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Base URL

All calls are made to the base URL, along with the specific resource path:

Required Parameter

All requests require an API key parameter api_key.

Common Parameters

Many requests share parameters. Most resource collections support pagination parameters, and certain resource collections (Organizations and Opportunities) support query parameters.

Request Signatures

All requests with the POST, PUT, or DELETE HTTP verbs must include two additional headers in the request: 1deg-Date and 1deg-Signature.


This is a timestamp in ISO 8601 format at UTC. Requests that are received more or fewer than 60 seconds from the time specified in this header will be rejected.

Example header:

1deg-Date: 2013-08-02T00:06:54Z


This is the request signature that authenticates the sender. Learn about how to build this request signature here.


All timestamps should be in ISO 8601 format at UTC: