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Field Type Note Description
id integer read-only Unique location ID.
name string The name of the location.
address string The location's street address website.
unit string The address unit, such as suite or level number.
city string required The location's city.
state string required The location's 2-letter state abbreviation.
zip_code string The location's USPS Zip code.
lat float read-only The latitude of the location.
long float read-only The longitude of the location.
is_primary boolean Whether or not this is the associated resource's primary location. Default is false, unless no other location exists.

Endpoints on Organizations

GET /v1/organizations/:organization_id/locations

Returns the locations of an organization.

POST /v1/organizations/:organization_id/locations

Creates a new location of an organization.

GET /v1/organizations/:organization_id/locations/:id

Returns a specific location with the following nested resources:

PUT /v1/organizations/:organization_id/locations/:id

Updates a location of an organization.

DELETE /v1/organizations/:organization_id/locations/:id

Deletes a location of an organization.


  • Only resource owners and admins can manage locations, schedules, and phone numbers.