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Field Type Note Description
id integer read-only Unique resource ID.
title string required The name of the guide.
description string The description of what the guide is about.
location text The area for which the guide is applicable.
parent_guide_id integer write-only The guide to which this guide should be assigned as a subguide.
parent_guide Guide read-only A Guide object that is the parent of this one.
opportunity_ids Array<integer> read-only The opportunities that make up the contents of the guide.
subguides Array<Guide> read-only The guides that are more specific subcategories of the overall guide.


GET /v1/guides

Returns the list of all top-level guides, meaning, they do not have parent guides. Standard pagination parameters apply.

POST /v1/guides

Creates a new guide.

GET /v1/guides/:id

Returns a specific guide.

GET /v1/guides/:id/opportunities

Returns the opportunity objects that are collected by this guide. See Opportunities for more information on opportunity objects.

PUT /v1/guides/:id

Updates a guide.

DELETE /v1/guides/:id

Deletes a guide.


  • Anyone can create a guide.
  • Only admins and the original creator can update a guide.
  • Only admins can delete a guide.
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