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Field Type Note Description
id integer read-only Unique organization ID.
slug string read-only Unique organization URL slug.
name string required The name of the organization.
website string The URL of the organization's website.
description text The description of the organization.
region string City and state (or any string Google Maps can geocode), representing the geographic area the organization is based.
lat float read-only Latitude of the region. Set automatically upon change in region.
lng float read-only Longitude of the region. Set automatically upon change in region.
updated_at string read-only The timestamp of the last time the organization was updated.
opportunity_count integer read-only The number of opportunities the organization provides.
rating decimal read-only The average star rating given for this opportunity by users, aggregated across all API clients.


GET /v1/organizations

Returns a list of organization. Standard pagination and query parameters apply.

POST /v1/organizations

Creates a new organization.

GET /v1/organizations/:id

Returns a specific organization, along with the following nested objects:

:id can either be the numeric ID number or the slug, which is also unique across organizations.


  "id": 3,
  "name": "ASIAN, Inc.",
  "slug": "asian-inc",
  "website": "",
  "description": "ASIAN, Inc. empowers Asian Americans and other minorities by reducing dependencies that block their access to opportunities in business development, housing and financial education.",
  "updated_at": "2013-12-14T04:59:55.000Z",
  "opportunity_count": 4,
  "tags": [
  "properties": [
          "name": "lang-mandarin",
          "value": "true"
          "name": "lang-cantonese",
          "value": "true"
          "name": "lang-english",
          "value": "true"
  "locations": [
          "id": 3,
          "name": "Primary Location",
          "address": "1167 Mission Street",
          "unit": "4th Floor",
          "city": "San Francisco",
          "state": "CA",
          "zip_code": "94103",
          "lat": 37.7778,
          "long": -122.412,
          "is_primary": true,
          "phones": [
                  "id": 3,
                  "digits": "4159285910",
                  "phone_type": "Office",
                  "is_primary": true
          "schedule": {
              "monday_start": "",
              "monday_end": "",
              "tuesday_start": "",
              "tuesday_end": "",
              "wednesday_start": "",
              "wednesday_end": "",
              "thursday_start": "",
              "thursday_end": "",
              "friday_start": "",
              "friday_end": "",
              "saturday_start": "",
              "saturday_end": "",
              "sunday_start": "",
              "sunday_end": "",
              "notes": ""
  "phones": [
          "id": 4,
          "digits": "415-928-5910",
          "phone_type": "Office",
          "is_primary": true
  "rating": 0,
  "opportunity_comments": [
          "id": 6,
          "commentable_type": "Opportunity",
          "commentable_id": 9,
          "client_id": 4,
          "client_user_id": "311",
          "content": "Para mi esta aplcacion es de mucha ayuda gracias por ayudarme a aplicar veo q es de mucha ayuda",
          "created_at": "2014-02-25T05:37:14.000Z"

GET /v1/organizations/:id/get_slug

Returns the URL "slug" or shortcut for the organization specified by its numeric ID.

GET /v1/organizations/2/get_slug

  "status": "OK",
  "slug": "3rd-street-youth-center-and-clinic"

PUT /v1/organizations/:id

Updates a organization.

DELETE /v1/organizations/:id

Deletes a organization.

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