Shopware plugin to expose Prometheus metrics as API endpoint
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OdsPrometheus plugin for Shopware

What is Prometheus

Prometheus is a modern monitoring platform. You can collect metrics through the HTTP protocol using a simple pull mechanism (combinable with authentication, etc.).


Prometheus can:

  • collect metrics
  • store metrics as time series (internal db or Influx)
  • expose metrics to Grafana
  • do alerting

What this plugin does

This plugin adds an API endpoint /api/metrics which exposes Prometheus metrics containing:

  • List of cronjobs with last execution date and expected execution interval
  • Time since last order
  • Time since last user registered

Exposed metrics example

# HELP shopware_cronjob_end Unix timestamp of the crons end value
# TYPE shopware_cronjob_end counter
shopware_cronjob_end{cron="Artikelbewertung per eMail"} 1536748562
shopware_cronjob_end{cron="Aufräumen"} 1536748501
shopware_cronjob_end{cron="Basket Signature cleanup"} 1536820501
shopware_cronjob_end{cron="Customer Stream refresh"} 1536825620
shopware_cronjob_end{cron="Geburtstagsgruß"} 1536788582
shopware_cronjob_end{cron="HTTP Cache löschen"} 1536800401
# HELP shopware_cronjob_next Unix timestamp of the crons next value
# TYPE shopware_cronjob_next counter
shopware_cronjob_next{cron="Artikelbewertung per eMail"} 1536834918
shopware_cronjob_next{cron="Aufräumen"} 1536834878
shopware_cronjob_next{cron="Basket Signature cleanup"} 1536906853
shopware_cronjob_next{cron="Customer Stream refresh"} 1536832800
shopware_cronjob_next{cron="Geburtstagsgruß"} 1536874978
shopware_cronjob_next{cron="HTTP Cache löschen"} 1536886800
# HELP shopware_cronjob_start Unix timestamp of the crons start value
# TYPE shopware_cronjob_start counter
shopware_cronjob_start{cron="Artikelbewertung per eMail"} 1536748562
shopware_cronjob_start{cron="Aufräumen"} 1536748501
shopware_cronjob_start{cron="Basket Signature cleanup"} 1536820501
shopware_cronjob_start{cron="Customer Stream refresh"} 1536825602
shopware_cronjob_start{cron="Geburtstagsgruß"} 1536788582
shopware_cronjob_start{cron="HTTP Cache löschen"} 1536800401
# HELP shopware_cronjobs_noOfActiveCrons Get the number of cronjobs marked as active in the database
# TYPE shopware_cronjobs_noOfActiveCrons gauge
shopware_cronjobs_noOfActiveCrons 31

Example Prometheus Scrape config

job_name: Shopware
scrape_interval: 60s
scrape_timeout: 5s
metrics_path: /api/metrics
scheme: https
    username: {SHOPWARE_API_USER}
    password: {SHOPWARE_API_KEY}
    - target: ['']


To add your custom metric you can write or own plugin and register a new metric e.g. like that:

Build a new service that registers the tag ods_prometheus.metric and use whatever other service you need to collect your data (e.g. database):

<service id="my_plugin.metrics.counter" class="MyPlugin\Metrics\Counter">
    <argument type="service" id="ods_prometheus.registry"/>
    <argument type="service" id="db"/>
    <tag name="ods_prometheus.metric"/>

Write your metric service that implements OdsPrometheus\Metrics\PrometheusMetricInterface that registers counters, histograms, etc. (see for documentation and examples):

namespace MyPlugin\Metrics;

use OdsPrometheus\Metrics\PrometheusMetricInterface;
use Prometheus\CollectorRegistry;

class Counter implements PrometheusMetricInterface
     * @var CollectorRegistry
    protected $registry;
     * @var \Enlight_Components_Db_Adapter_Pdo_Mysql
    protected $db;

     * Counter constructor.
     * @param CollectorRegistry                        $registry
     * @param \Enlight_Components_Db_Adapter_Pdo_Mysql $db
    public function __construct(CollectorRegistry $registry, \Enlight_Components_Db_Adapter_Pdo_Mysql $db)
        $this->registry = $registry;
        $this->db = $db;

     * Collect the metric data and add them to the registry
     * service ods_prometheus.registry
     * @return void
     * @throws \Prometheus\Exception\MetricsRegistrationException
     * @throws \Zend_Db_Adapter_Exception
     * @throws \Zend_Db_Statement_Exception
    public function collectMetric()
        $noOfUsers = $this->db->executeQuery('SELECT COUNT(*) FROM s_user')->fetchColumn();
        // Note: always use shopware as namespace, so ops can distinguish the namespace properly
        $counter = $this->registry->registerCounter('shopware', 'noOfUsers', 'Number of users in database');


Git Version

  • Checkout plugin in /custom/plugins/OdsPrometheus
  • Install the plugin with the "Plugin Manager"
  • Configure the plugin

Shopware plugin store

This plugin will be available shortly in the Shopware plugin store.


  • Hans Höchtl <hhoechtl[at]>


  • Implement optional push gateway
  • Make storage configurable