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Tamper monkey scripts for IdleScape
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IdleScape TamperMonkey scripts

Given the freshness of IdleScape there are a few utilities which would be nice to have.


Feature List

  • Update title bar on browsers to let you know what action you are doing, or to let you know if you are idling
  • Title bar now tells you how many bars you have left to smith based on Heat and Bars
  • Title bar now tells you how many fish you have left to cook
  • Title bar shows how much food you have in your inventory when in combat - you must have the inventory tab open for this to work on the combat screen
  • Click users name in the chat to automatically whisper to them
  • Time to level on skills except combat and crafting
  • Crash checker
  • Addon for crafting to allow seeing how many items you can craft
  • ... and more

Update Log


  • Smithing now shows bars per hour
  • The game will now remember what tab you were in


  • Mining now shows ore per hour and xp per hour, in 0.10 I expect to add fishing and cooking into it


  • Fishing now shows amount per hour and xp per hour
  • Cooking now shows amount per hour and xp per hour
  • Woodcutting now shows amount per hour and xp per hour
  • Optimised how pages are loaded @todo crafting still should be a performance boost along with faster rendering of xp/items per hour


  • Fixes an issue with resource-container heights


  • More accurate counting for inventory items and burn count


  • Made counting even more accurate for burn when over a million and when items are over a million


  • Feel free to open a new issue if you are wanting a specific utility
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