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The AVIM extension brings you modern Vietnamese typing with one of the fastest, most full-featured Vietnamese IMEs around:

  • AVIM supports four standard input methods (Telex, VNI, and two varieties of VIQR), as well as a default “Mixed” input method, a combination of Telex and VNI.
  • Unlike ordinary keyboard layouts, AVIM allows you to enter a diacritical mark anywhere after the letter it belongs to, and diacritical marks can be entered in any order. Various auto-corrections result in well-formed Vietnamese words. So if you use the VIQR input method, ddu+o+`ng, dduo+`ng, dduo+ng` , ddu+`ong+, duon`g+d, and even dduong+'?~.` all produce “đường”.
  • AVIM doesn’t provide complete spell checking – you need Vietnamese Dictionary for that – but its rule-based spell checking helps keep your writing free of errors. When AVIM encounters a word that doesn’t follow Vietnamese spelling rules, it treats additional keys literally, so a key that would normally add a diacritical mark to the word instead produces the original character for that key. This behavior is useful when using foreign words in your Vietnamese writing.
  • AVIM understands both styles of placing diacritical marks – old (e.g., xóa) and new (xoá) – and auto-corrects your input to be consistent with your preference.
  • Input editing bugs are uncommon, because AVIM is well-tested in a wide variety of situations. It has even been tested against the entire word list of the Free Vietnamese Dictionary Project. The script version, already in development by 2005, is used on websites throughout the Internet. Each day, thousands use the AVIM extension inside Firefox.

The extension comes with a complete user interface, giving you much more control over your typing than webpage-based IMEs:

  • A compact toolbar button displays the current input method. Clicking on the button toggles AVIM on and off; an attached menu lets you choose an input method. On older versions of Firefox, these same options are also available in an Add-on Bar panel.
  • A preferences dialog box, accessible through the Add-ons window (Tools ▸ Add-ons), allows you to configure AVIM’s behavior in detail.
  • Several keyboard shortcuts keep you from having to reach for the mouse. AVIM can be quickly enabled or disabled by toggling the Enabled option of either menu, or by pressing Ctrl twice in a row (⌃⌃ on the Mac), or by pressing Ctrl+Alt+V (⌥⌘V on the Mac). These shortcuts are useful when entering foreign words or source code into a webpage.
  • AVIM is available in seven languages – Dutch, English, German, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese – all in one small download. The extension automatically selects its interface language based on the Firefox localization that you’re using; if AVIM isn’t available in that language, it defaults to English.

Unlike other IME extensions for Firefox, AVIM works everywhere:

  • AVIM recognizes every textbox in every webpage you visit. (Although AVIM ignores password boxes by default.)
  • The extension also recognizes every textbox in Firefox itself, including those in built-in windows such as the Library, any window opened by an extension, and any dialog box that a webpage displays using JavaScript.
  • AVIM fully supports any webpage written in HTML, even full-fledged Web apps like Google Drive, Office Online, iCloud, and Zoho Docs.
  • AVIM is the only IME extension that supports the Microsoft Silverlight plugin.
  • The extension supports a variety of applications besides Firefox, like the Nightingale media player, Thunderbird e-mail client, and Komodo IDE programming environment.

AVIM goes through great lengths to bring you an experience without surprises:

  • Any change to AVIM’s configuration is immediately applied to any Firefox windows you have open, and is automatically applied to any Firefox windows you open from that point on.
  • AVIM’s keyboard shortcuts don’t interfere with any of Firefox’s built-in shortcuts and also don’t interfere with shortcuts used by known extensions.
  • Textboxes don’t scroll to the top or jump to the beginning every time you add a diacritical mark, and the caret stays in place when you undo.
  • The preferences dialog box detects if the Mudim extension is also installed and turned on and offers to turn it off for you, preventing conflicts between the two extensions. AVIM doesn’t actually disable Mudim, but rather sets it to its Off mode.
  • Similarly, a script monitor automatically disables in-page IME scripts that could interfere with AVIM.
  • AVIM uses a completely standard user interface, so it looks like part of Firefox, no matter which Firefox theme you use.

Compared to Mudim and AVIM for Chrome, AVIM is by far the most powerful Vietnamese typing tool you can download.

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