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Scalable highway shield image assets for navigation software
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Rebusurance is a suite of image assets for displaying highway shields in software user interfaces. Included in this repository is a single PaintCode document that contains various shields for routes in the United States. Each shield is scalable, simultaneously accommodating variations in screen resolution, font size, and route number length. The designs are loosely based on the specifications in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) as implemented in Wikimedia Commons template images, including common state and territorial route shields.

This project’s design goals are:

  1. Maximize legibility, with the legend set as large as possible and extraneous details removed.
  2. Stay within a predictable width and height to facilitate text layout.
  3. Resemble the design most commonly seen on signage, preferably guide signs.

The name of this project is a play on the words rebus and reassurance, as in reassurance marker. Just as rebuses are icons displayed inline within a sentence, rebusurance images are best suited for running text, such as within a turn banner or step table in a turn-by-turn navigation application.


PaintCode is required for opening these image assets. From within PaintCode, choose a target platform and language, then export the assets as a “StyleKit”, which is generated drawing code that you can include in your application. The code that invokes this drawing code can specify the following parameters for any shield:

Name Kind Default value Description
legendText String 25 The alphanumeric legend born by the shield.
legendSize Number 60 The font size of the legend. The shield automatically resizes to fit the legend.

Additionally, each shield accepts two or more color parameters, depending on the colors used by the design. The default colors are based on the MUTCD color specifications.

Name Kind Default value
blue Color #003F87
brown Color #603311
green Color #006B54
orange Color #DD7500
pink Color #EF5B84
purple Color #72166B
red Color #AF1E2D
yellow Color #FCD116
yellowGreen Color #BAD80A
white Color #FFFFFF
black Color #000000
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