A small shim for managing design assets (sketch and invision studio) with git.
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Git design: convert design files into a format that git can track

If you've ever tried to manage files from sketch or Invision studio in git, you know it's a pain. Since they are binary files, git doesn't know how to properly diff them and fixing merge conflicts is practically impossible.

A little known fact about sketch and invision studio files is that they are actually zip archives! And, when decompressed, they contain a bunch of plain text json that can easily be diffed / merged using the algorithms that git uses. When I discovered this, I realized that it'd be pretty easy to use this to write an addon for git that would make managing designs much more reasonable.


First, ensure that you have git installed: https://git-scm.com/downloads

Then, copy and paste the below into a terminal:

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/1egoman/git-design/master/git-design > /tmp/git-design && install -m 0755 /tmp/git-design /usr/local/bin

Finally, run git design


git-design can do two things: pack or unpack a design file. Unpacking takes a compressed design file such as a sketch file or an invision studio file and converts it into a directory named <FILENAME>.<EXTENSION>-unpacked. This unpacked file is what you want to check-in - in fact, you'll probably want to add *.sketch and *.studio to your .gitignore file.

$ ls
$ git design unpack my-file.sketch
 => my-file.sketch
  . meta.json (72d61262d73cc4eaf1b89a179c3dd16f)
  . user.json (93bce8e9fcf388d40a76fba41addc532)
  . pages/B0CF1FDE-8F93-4C3F-9B3D-0871EFDE97EC.json (e32c9614a533c94b5cf0bd7ca84f31ce)
$ ls my-file.sketch-unpacked
document.json   images          meta.json       pages           previews        user.json
$ # Now, commit my-file.sketch-unpacked

The pack action does the opposite, and is typically what you'd want to do after pulling down new changes, merging, or doing any other action that modifies the unpacked design file:

$ ls
$ git design pack my-file.sketch
 => my-file.sketch
  . meta.json (72d61262d73cc4eaf1b89a179c3dd16f)
  . user.json (93bce8e9fcf388d40a76fba41addc532)
  . pages/B0CF1FDE-8F93-4C3F-9B3D-0871EFDE97EC.json (e32c9614a533c94b5cf0bd7ca84f31ce)
$ ls
my-file.sketch my-file.sketch-unpacked
$ open my-file.sketch
$ # Opened in sketch!