Fabric receipes, helpers and classes to ease deploying Django projects in the cloud.
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This is my foundations deployment tool and receipes. I use it to bootstrap any new project or machine. It's written in Python. Features at a glance:

  • a lot of Fabric receipes for Python/Django deployment in LXC/docker enviroments.
  • a lot of tasks dedicated to system management (eg. cherry-picked workers restart)
  • some receipes for personal machine deployment (eg. my laptop), that you should be able to customize/override/extend with your own. Especially, the 1nstall script will bootstrap a machine from scratch once the OS is installed.
  • a more flexible execution model tha Fabric.
  • includes some utility scripts (like a global package search tool, which handles brew, APT, PIP 2&3, Gem and NPM).

See the wiki for deeper explanations, design concepts, etc.

Most useful tasks

I will not list them all here, there are too much and it's beyond the scope of a README. You can get an up-to-date list with fab --list. A lot have aliases, which don't show here.


test                  Run base commands to test the connection and local user profile.
base                  sys_* + brew (on OSX) + byobu, bash-completion, htop…

lxc                   LXC host (guests manager).
lxc_base              Base packages for an LXC guest (base+LANG+dev).
lxc_server            LXC base + server packages (Pg).

db_postgres           PostgreSQL database server.
db_redis              Redis server. Uses the PPA for latest stable package on Ubuntu.
db_mongodb            MongoDB server. Uses PPA for same benefits.

deployment            Installs Fabric (via PIP for latest paramiko).


sys_admin_pkgs        Install some sysadmin related applications.
sys_easy_sudo         Allow sudo to run without password for @sudo members.
sys_unattended        Install unattended-upgrades and set it up for daily auto-run.
sf.update             Refresh all package management data (packages lists, receipes…).
sf.upgrade            Upgrade all outdated packages from all managements tools at once.


dev_mini              Git and ~/sources/
dev                   Generic development (dev_mini + git-flow + Python & Ruby utils).
dev_web               Web development packages (NodeJS, Less, Compass…).

local_perms           Re-apply correct permissions on well-known files (eg .ssh/*)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch, I will be pleased to help.

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